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How Your Gums Can Be Protected By Getting Enough Vitamin D

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We were all told that getting enough dairy in our diet was important for healthy teeth and bones, but it’s also an important part of our gum health. Little did we know the whole time we were focusing on keeping our bones strong, we were also ensuring that our gums were able to fight off gum disease effectively. If you’re battling gum disease or are just concerned about keeping your oral health in great shape, you’ll want to know the role that Vitamin D plays in this.

Vitamin D, Your Gums, And How They Work Together

Even with dedicated attention to our oral health routine, there’s a significant number of Americans that end up experiencing a battle with gingivitis. Studies reveal that the population of the United States struggles with this condition in 50% of cases for those aged over 30. While most of these are mild cases, a significant portion of them go beyond simple gingivitis and move into periodontal disease. At this point, there are multiple strains of bacteria that are playing a role in the condition, and the gums, teeth, and jawbone are in danger. In severe cases, it’s even possible for the infection to enter the bloodstream and become life-threatening.

The Medicina peer-reviewed scientific journal carried information about the essential role that this vitamin plays in the health of your gums. Among the many effects it has is the ability to support the four main tissues that make up our oral cavity. But this is just the beginning; Vitamin D also:

  • Provides a powerful lift to our immune system

  • Can battle the disease when present in sufficient levels in the bloodstream

  • Aids in our ability to rebuild the jawbone and hold off disease

  • Blocks the toxins released when bacteria decay

As dietary research continues, we learn more about how a diet high in Vitamin D can help protect our body in multiple ways.

How You Can Be Sure You Get Your Vitamin D!

Whether you love dairy or are lactose intolerant, there’s a surefire way to make sure you’re getting all the Vitamin D you need to keep your bones healthy. Just make sure you spend a few hours every week with at least your palms, hands, and face exposed to the sun. In this short amount of time, your body will be making enough Vitamin D to meet your daily needs. Additional help is easily available in the form of dietary supplements from your pharmacy. If larger doses are needed, your dietitian or physician can give you therapeutic dosage levels by prescription. Don’t let a lack of vitamin D impact your oral health; make sure you’re getting all you need in your diet or spend more time in the sun!

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