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What Does A Conservative Approach Mean in Cosmetic Dentistry?

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People go to see their dentist for a wide range of reasons. One of the most common reasons that people will visit their dentist is for cosmetic treatments. While preventative care is the cornerstone of your dentist’s practice, aesthetic treatments are even more common. There are numerous kinds of cosmetic dental treatments, but it’s the conservative treatments that are most sought after. Conservative treatments are also known as minimally invasive due to the lack of surgical procedures involved. We’ll discuss these kinds of treatments and how they can help your smile look beset.

Introducing The Power Of Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic treatments can significantly improve the appearance of dental patients’ smiles. They often address the most common concerns, such as dental staining and slight imperfections in our oral cavity. Even though these treatments are largely cosmetic, they can also have beneficial therapeutic effects. Correcting dental alignment not only makes your smile look amazing. It also eliminates gaps where plaque and tartar can hide. Addressing imperfections in the shape of our teeth can help prevent issues developing from an improper bite.

  • Dental Whitening – Lightening the shade of our enamel can help our teeth look bright and beautiful. This is easily the most frequently requested cosmetic treatment on the market today. The dentist will apply a special peroxide solution to your enamel that breaks down the proteins causing the stains. In many cases, your dentist will use a special lighting device to help stimulate the action of the solution, producing greater results.
  • Clear Aligners – One of the newest tools available in the dental market is clear aligners. These are special trays that work to apply precise pressure that adjusts the placement and orientation of your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, these can be removed for up to 2 hours daily. This makes it easy to enjoy your favorite food and properly clean your teeth.
  • Dental Bonding – The process of dental bonding using a special composite resin affixed to your teeth. This material is used to correct chips, close gaps, and cover areas of staining that your dentist can’t address with peroxide treatments.

Each of these treatments addresses common concerns brought to dentists. They can improve our smiles, improve our dental hygiene, and aid our oral health. Other forms of treatment available are more invasive, but these stand as the most popular.

When Non-Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry Works

Non-conservative approaches to cosmetic dentistry are necessary when significant changes are needed. This can happen due to excessive gum recession or when too much gingival tissue is present. There are also times when it’s necessary to reduce the amount of enamel visible. These treatments remove tissue using various techniques. The typical approach involves using scalpels and stitches for the gums or a rotary drill to reduce excess enamel. Modern approaches use laser dentistry which has better results, shorter recovery times, and less chance of complications.

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