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Professional Dental Products That Make For Outstanding Results

Pro Dental Products

Any craftsman can tell you that their results are only as good as the materials and tools they use. When it comes to cosmetic and restoration dentistry, your dentist is definitely a craftsman. They have to make an opening investment in the proper tools and materials to produce the best possible results. When they see the patient’s face and know that the results will last, the payoff is all worth it. Relying on low-quality products to perform their procedures may generate some savings up-front, but the disappointment when the results are substandard is worse for everyone involved.


The Products That Make For Outstanding Results

There are a number of products and procedures that may become familiar to you when you’re receiving restoration or cosmetic dental care. These procedures are performed to restore both function and appearance to your smile. To accomplish this goal,, they have to be good at what they do, producing attractive and durable results. Even so, it’s your dentist’s skills and expertise that get the process started. Long before you arrive for the procedure, they’re considering which products they use that will best suit your needs. The first part of the process is often decided for them, as they have learned to rely on products approved by the FDA and ADA. These organizations are responsible for rating products and ensuring that they meet certain minimum quality and safety standards.


  • Composite Systems: A tooth that has been damaged needs to be restored, and composite systems are often the tool required. While there is a certain amount of variation in technique from dentist to dentist, the products used tend to be fairly universal. Omnichroma flow is one example, a material known for its exceptional color matching and longevity. Another option is Venus Pearl One, which blends in with the neighboring teeth well.
  • Universal Bonding Systems: Bonding systems work to ensure that the restoration or cosmetic material put in place stays there. Rely Universal Resin and Adhesive and KaVo Kerr Optibond Universal Solution are the ones used most often. They both have an exceptional reputation for longevity and effectiveness. Kerr Optibond, in particular, is well-liked for its compatibility with a range of composites and cement.
  • Temporary Cement: When setting a temporary restoration in place, a unique concern arises. There is a need for cement that holds the restoration in place firmly while also being temporary in nature. Provincial QM Aesthetic temporary cement fits the bill perfectly.
  • Bioceramic Restoratives: Ceramic products that are able to integrate well with the body’s natural systems are known as bioceramics. Pulpdent Active Bioactive Restorative is one such restorative that is used. Ceramir Restore Quickcap is another.


Speak To Your Dental Professional About Their Products

When it comes to selecting dental care products, there’s no one better than your dentist. They spend their entire career exploring new dental brands and products, looking for the best ones to treat their patients. Ask yours for their advice on how to improve your dental hygiene practices through products available at home.


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