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Signs of Imminent Tooth Decay In Children and Adults

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There’s a lot of significant development happening during childhood. This time of our lives involves significant mental and emotional growth and physical growth. Even our primary teeth during this time have an essential role in our lifelong dental health. These teeth help ensure that our jaw develops correctly and that there’s sufficient room for our new teeth to grow straight and strong. Losing teeth during childhood can lead to orthodontic problems later in life. Catching decay early is the best way to avoid it causing lasting damage to your child’s oral health.


Signs of Imminent Tooth Decay In Children and Adults

Decay is a reasonably straightforward process, and the signs of it are the same in adults and children. The difference is that an adult is more likely to notice the onset of decay before a child. However, you can help your children know what to look for. This will keep them on track to maintaining good oral health and help them alert you when they first begin to appear.

The first stage of dental decay is the appearance of white blemishes on the surface of the teeth. These blemishes represent areas where the enamel has begun to weaken due to demineralization. If caught at this stage, it’s possible to reverse the process and avoid lasting damage. These blemishes, known as white spot lesions, can be easily identified and treated by your dentist. Make sure to schedule a visit immediately if you notice them appearing. During your visit, the dentist may offer:


  • Fluoride supplements to help strengthen teeth
  • new oral hygiene techniques to improve coverage
  • Fluoride treatments that can help strengthen your teeth
  • Professional cleaning to eliminate plaque and tartar responsible for the decay


Gum disease is another clear sign that serious oral health concerns are happening. Gum disease symptoms appear as red, tender, and puffy gums. They also tend to bleed when brushed. In severe cases, the gums can begin pulling away from the teeth. The resulting pockets expose the more sensitive enamel of the gums and create pockets for biofilms and food debris to hide. This condition is harder to reverse but can be done with the assistance of your dentist. The process generally involves getting a professional periodontal cleaning, root scaling, and planning. During this treatment, the plaque and tartar are removed from the dental surface, which is then polished to discourage regrowth.


Speak To Your Dentist For Next Steps

Reaching out to your dentist is an effective way of getting tips for handling tooth decay at any age. They’ll let you know other indicators to watch for and what to do when they appear. They can also help you and your family ensure everyone is brushing properly and thoroughly. You can provide your family with the toothbrushes, dental floss, and mouthwash they need for a complete dental care routine. Don’t wait to start protecting your family’s smiles! Call for a consultation today.


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