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What is a Partial?

Partials fit into the mouth a combination of metal, acrylic, and porcelain to restore the jaw and replace missing teeth. Partials give a natural look to your smile and keep the structure of your teeth, gums, and jawline intact. Partials are the top choice for those with multiple missing teeth, and partials can help reform the mouth back to health without the expensive costs. In this article, you’ll be able to learn more about partial dentures, whether or not they’re right for you, and who to contact for partials.

How Do Partials Work?

A partial denture contains replacement teeth, either made out of porcelain or composite resin, and those teeth are attached to a metal and acrylic base that matches the color of your gums. While crowns and bridges can also replace missing teeth, dentures offer versatility and adjustment to them. Because dentures are a less invasive option, dentures are typically the least expensive out of replacement teeth. Partial dentures work to keep the jawline sturdy by holding it in place and keep the teeth from aligning into places where teeth don’t belong and help compensate for the missing space.

What is the Process for Making Partials?

After conducting a comprehensive exam and determines that you need a denture, your dentist will make impressions of your mouth with alginate, a putty-like substance that holds the shape of whatever impressions are made. Once the impressions are made, your dentist will send the mold off to a laboratory to create the partial denture model, usually out of wax and plastic, to form your dentures. Once the model’s established, your dentist will test the comfort level and sturdiness of the model, and make adjustments as necessary. After those adjustments are measured and marked out, your dentist will send off for the final model of your partials and give you the dentures you desire.

How Do I Know If I Need Partials?

The most common sign of needed partials would be how your mouth is adjusting to any missing teeth. When an adult loses a tooth, the teeth surrounding that missing tooth will attempt to compensate for the loss by aligning the space. The jawline will also try to uphold the mouth, but while this occurs, the adjacent teeth and jawline will lose their structure, causing the chin to move up and forward and the teeth to be more prone to diseases. In worse case scenarios, a facial collapse could occur, and the tissues surrounding the teeth will shrink.

Partials help rebuild the muscles inside the mouth and help prevent the jawline from shrinking. At Heritage Park Dental, Dr. Shadi Heidarian and his team of dentists will be able to provide you with a comprehensive exam to help you determine if you need partial dentures. With Dr. Heidarian, you’ll be able to have specialized dental care that individually serves your needs and consistently reinforces proper dental care habits. If you need a dentist in the Palo Alto, CA area, then contact Dr. Heidarian today.

Dr. Shadi Heidarian Heritage Park Dental has diligently served the Palo Alto, Atherton, and San Francisco areas with friendly and effective dental care for more than 12 years under the guidance of Dr. Shadi Heidarian. Every year Dr. Heidarian continues to advance her dentistry expertise to guarantee her patients the latest and most effective treatments.
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