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Porcelain Veneers: A Beautiful Finishing Coat On A Lovely Smile

Many patients suffer from imperfect teeth caused by discoloration, varying stages of decay, gaps in teeth formation, or injury.  We understand how important a great smile is, and how these minor imperfections can seriously impact an individual’s confidence and ability to feel good about their appearance.  There’s good news for those suffering from imperfect teeth, […]

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Porcelain Fixed Bridges: Turning Gaps Into Beautiful Smiles

Whether through tooth decay or injury, there are times when multiple adjacent teeth have become damaged beyond repair, or simply beyond the reach of traditional restoration techniques.  In those instances, porcelain fixed bridges can be a life-saver, or at least a smile saver.  When you have one or more teeth that are no longer able […]

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Porcelain Crowns – A Great Way To Restore A Beautiful Smile

When we’ve experienced loss or damage to our teeth we can’t help but notice the impact it has on our smile and confidence.  In the past, it’s been necessary to replace these teeth with partial dentures or to simply suffer the loss of the tooth.  Innovations in dentistry have provided many options for dealing with […]

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Composite Resins: Durable, Natural Looking Fillings for Your Teeth

Fillings are a common procedure done to help repair and maintain a damaged tooth, and many of us still have the metallic fillings from a misspent dental youth in our mouths.  Over the years these metal fillings have gone out of vogue in part due to the attractiveness and durability of composite fillings.  These days […]

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Dental Cleanings And Exams: Your Defense Against Hidden Decay

We’ve all had the merits of a regular dental hygiene regimen drilled into us since we first sprouted our baby teeth. Many of us began brushing long before we were able to reach the sink on our own, and that habit has stayed with us ever since. Brushing and flossing are an excellent way to […]

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Bonding vs. Veneer

It’d be nice if we could go through our lives with a perfect set of teeth, but some of us are born with gaps or misaligned teeth.  Maybe you weren’t born with it, perhaps you got a chipped tooth or a fracture in one, or maybe you just don’t like the color or shape of […]

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The Different Types of Dentists

Like the world of medicine, dentistry is chock full of a variety of specialties. This is because even though the mouth is one single area, there are several components of treatment, as well as many different ailments. Read on to learn about the different types of dentists out there and how they help keep people’s […]

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Welcome to Heritage Park Dentistry

Thank you for visiting the blog of Heritage Park Dentistry. Don’t forget to check in periodically to see our latest posts.

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