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What Is A Zirconia Crown?


The newest material for crowns is Zirconium, a material that is a relative of titanium and is the source of the most recommended forms of crown on the market today. Those who are looking for aesthetic restorative dentistry often choose to go with this style of restoration. If you, like most patients, are curious about what options are available for you in the restoration market then keep reading to learn more about Zirconia Crowns.

What Are Zirconia Crowns Made Of?

Zirconium oxide, otherwise known as Zirconia, is a powdery white metal that is a relative of titanium and is opaque in X-rays. They match the color of natural teeth better than most other crown treatment options, though they do lack the translucent quality of porcelain and enamel. This material is easily able to be formed into millable blocks that mean your dentist can prepare the crown for you in one visit.

Zirconia Crowns Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Most patients who opt for Zirconia crowns do so because of the convenience of one day’s restoration and their similarity to natural teeth. When most people meet a patient who has Zirconia crowns they aren’t able to identify them as being artificial. These patients are able to be proud of their smile and not be self-conscious of their appearance. All great reasons to get Zirconia Crowns done. It also doesn’t hurt that your natural tissues respond well to the presence of Zirconia.

Zirconia Crowns Have An Extended Life Span

Zirconia is a relative of titanium, one of the hardest metals in the world. As a result, crowns made from this material last longer than porcelain or other crown materials. When properly taken care of crowns made from this material will last you a lifetime without concern. They’re actually stronger than your natural teeth, unlike other crown material options.

They’re Resistant To Corrosion

Unlike other materials that have been used in restoration, dentistry zirconia is practically immune to corrosion and wear. Regardless of the foods, you choose to eat you won’t have any issues with your zirconia crowns breaking down.

They Take Less Work

Using the latest machines used in dental technologies zirconia crowns are practically effortless to make. A block of zirconia gets inserted into a milling machine that renders it down to a perfect match of your natural tooth. One the tooth is prepared to accept the new crown it can be put right on, from measurement to crown in just one visit.

Lower Long Term Costs

Zirconia Crowns have a lower overall cost, even though they’re a little more expensive in the beginning. The extra cost is made up for with lower maintenance costs and no need to replace the crown down the road. A solid zirconia crown is going to last the patient a lifetime.

These are just some of the reasons that a Zirconia crown is the best choice for most patients restorative dentistry. If you have questions and would like to learn more about them give a call to Dr. Shadi Heidarian at Heritage Park Dental in Palo Alto, CA today!

Dr. Shadi Heidarian Heritage Park Dental has diligently served the Palo Alto, Atherton, and San Francisco areas with friendly and effective dental care for more than 12 years under the guidance of Dr. Shadi Heidarian. Every year Dr. Heidarian continues to advance her dentistry expertise to guarantee her patients the latest and most effective treatments.
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