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Root Canal: The Dental Bogey-Man Demystified

When teeth have gone too long without proper care and are beginning to experience serious decay, a root canal can sometimes be necessary to save the tooth.  While root canals have a reputation for being excruciating experiences that most dental patients fear, modern technology has turned this old myth on its head and rendered these treatments nearly painless.  Root canals can save a tooth that is otherwise beyond saving, allowing you to keep a beautiful smile and continue eating the foods you love.


Are Root Canals A Better Option Than Extractions?

Having your natural teeth is always a superior option to having any of them removed, they’re simply stronger and properly suited to the job they were made to do.  Root canals can save your teeth and help retain normal eating and speaking, all while giving you the confidence that comes with an amazing set of pearly whites.  It’s also relevant to point out that when you lose a tooth, the other teeth in your mouth have to make up for its absence, leading to greater strain and wear on your existing teeth.


How Does A Root Canal Save My Teeth?

Root canals go into damaged teeth and clear out the infected and inflamed pulp and root.  The process involves a careful reshaping of the canal, followed by cleaning and filling the created space before capping it off with a temporary filling.  A permanent restoration will be applied to the tooth at a later visit, completing the root canal and returning normal function to your tooth.


Will I Experience Discomfort Throughout The Procedure Or During Recovery?

Endodontic procedures use all the modern methods of anesthesia to control the amount of discomfort experienced by their patients.  In the case of root canals the procedures can often be done without any pain at all, and in fact, you often have reduced pain following the procedure.  Some tenderness can occur following the root canal, but it can be easily controlled with over the counter medication.  For some time following the procedure, you’ll notice a difference in texture from your natural teeth, but this will pass in time.


Are Root Canals Costly?

The cost of a root canal is dependent on several factors involving the patient’s tooth.  The more difficult treatment of the tooth is, the higher the price of the procedure is going to be.  Molars tend to be the most expensive form of root canals due to their location in the back of the mouth and the size of the tooth.  Regardless of the cost, it is typically less expensive to have a root canal performed than it is to extract the same tooth.

If you’re experiencing any form of oral pain and feel that you might benefit from a root canal, contact your dentist today and schedule a consultation.  During the consultation, you can discuss root canal and extraction options, and determine which one is right for you.


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