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Dental Treatments: What’s In Your Dentist’s Toolkit?

As much as it breaks their hearts, there’s one thing that dentists just can’t seem to get away from. A trip to the dentist ranks pretty low on things people look forward to, all of this in spite of the fact that most dental procedures are painless and can actually improve your overall health and reduce your daily discomfort.  Still, they carry on using the most advanced dental treatments to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and that your smile will last through the years to come.


What Kind Of Treatments Are Performed By Dentists?

Believe it or not, there is more than one kind of dentist, and what kind of procedures they perform vary depending on their particular specialty.  General dentists are the ones most of us are familiar with, the ones responsible for the basics of dental care.  Endodontists, on the other hand, are specialists who work with the interior of the teeth, hence the name Endo (Inside) and Dontist (teeth).  Together they perform a variety of treatments, including:


Cleanings – This is far and away the most common procedure performed by dentists, routine examinations, and cleanings to remove plaque buildup and eliminate tartar on the teeth.  While simple, these basic treatments are among the most important performing as they prevent the need for more invasive treatments.

Fillings and Repairs – Coming in right behind cleanings is filling and repairs, these treatments help to bolster your teeth against decay and to return full function to your teeth.  These treatments restore the beauty and structure of your teeth, reducing sensitivity and discomfort.

Cosmetic Dentistry – These treatments aren’t done out of necessity, but instead are done to improve the overall beauty of your teeth and produce a beautiful smile.  While some of these treatments have therapeutic uses, most of them simply give you a smile you can be proud of.

Bridge and Implants – There was a day when the only way to replace missing teeth was with partial or full dentures, but those days are past.  Modern technology has produced methods of giving you a beautiful, comfortable smile without the dentures with bridges and implants.

Dental Crowns – Dental crowns are used to restore damaged, broken, and cracked teeth and support them structurally so they can return to normal use.  Made from a variety of materials, crowns can be both aesthetically pleasing as well as useful for restoring normal tooth function.

Root Canals – While this term commonly strikes fear into dental patients, there’s no need. Root canals have become much more comfortable and in most cases are completely painless.  These treatments are used on severely damaged or decayed teeth to remove the infected root and pulp and replace it with a filling and cap that can save a tooth that otherwise would need to be extracted.


What Kind Of Procedures Will My Insurance Cover?

To find out what forms of procedure your dentist office will perform that will be covered by your insurance, you’re best off contacting your insurance provider.  However, many offices are willing to help you understand your dental coverage, so contacting your dental office is also a good move!  In fact, if you haven’t seen your dentist in the past six months, contact them today for a visit!


Dr. Shadi Heidarian Heritage Park Dental has diligently served the Palo Alto, Atherton, and San Francisco areas with friendly and effective dental care for more than 12 years under the guidance of Dr. Shadi Heidarian. Every year Dr. Heidarian continues to advance her dentistry expertise to guarantee her patients the latest and most effective treatments.
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